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This site hosts all the general info regarding the European Veteran Roller hockey Invitational Cup, an event to be held once a year (in the Spring or Autumn) throughout Europe to promote veteran roller hockey at its highest level. There are two categories, the well known 35+ tournament (since 2003) and the 50+ tournament (since 2009).

The purpose of the site is to be a platform for the participants, their teams, the press, sponsors and every other fan of roller hockey and veteran roller hockey in particular. Besides the general info on this site each tournament organization can have its own site. Feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster at
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Organizationcommittee 17th edition in full swing


Delft - Two months before starting the event in Sintra is the Portugese organizationcommittee in ful swing to organize a good event. In conformity with the document EVRICup rules, version 02. 07-10-10, rule 02.18 give the organizationcommittee, at this moment, all the information about the event date, the definitive list of participators, the hotel possibilities and the concept sportprogram. We are waiting for more detail information later on this general EVRICup website.

Super O.S. Losbinhos !

Invitation delegates participating teams 35+ and 50+


Delft - It's with a great pleasure to invite all the delegates of the participating 35+ and 50+ teams during the 17th EVRICup edition in Sintra-Portugal. Subject : Invitation delegates meeting 17th EVRICup edition, Date : 1 june 2011, Time : 14.30 hour - 16.00 hour, Location : Rollerhockey accommodation OS Losbinhos, Sintra, Portugal, Agenda : A week before the meeting you recieved the concept agenda by e-mail, Invitation limit : maximum 2 delegates each team.

Important Sintra info


Dear friends,
Please find attached a detailed information about our organization.
I want to summarize the most important topics:
Tournament will start on June 1st, all teams should arrive on this morning
Book your accommodation as soon as possible
Please send us the logo and a picture of your team during next week
Any additional support or information don't hesitate to reach us.
Best regards,

Interest from France and South Africa for 18th EVRICup edition


Delft - For the 18th EVRICup edition in 2012 Valkenswaard The Netherlands is interest (35+ category) from France so the event can than grow to a 9 nations event. But the most surprising is the request of the 35+ team of South Africa. President of the South Africa rollerhockey federation mr. Joaquim Coimbra : "we are very interested because we like to visit Europe and hear many good stories about the EVRICup circuit. We hope, if the I.E.C. give permission, to participated in the 35+ category next year in The Netherlands".     

Participators 17th edition EVRICup Sintra - Portugal


Delft - The organizationcommittee of the 17th edition EVRICup Sintra Portugal gives the names of the 35+ category and 50+ category:

35+ category (11 teams) : G.D.S. "Os Losbinhos" 35+ Portugal, C.P. Vilafranca 35+ Spain, Valkenswaardse R.C. DREAMTEAM 35+ The Netherlands,  Barcino Veteranos Hockey 35+ Spain, Parede F.C. 35+ Portugal, K.V. Rolta 35+ Belgium, R.S.C. Darmstadt 35+ Germany, Geneve R.H.C. 35+, GEiGG 35+ Spain, Herne Bay United 35+ and C.P. Voltrega 35+ Spain. 50+ category (7 teams) :  G.D.S. "Os Losbinhos" 50+ Portugal, DREAMTEAM 50+ The Netherlands, GEiGG 50+ Spain, K.V. Rolta R.H.C. 50+ Belgium, F.C. Porto 50+ Portugal, H.C. Castiglione della Pescaia Veterani 50+ Italy and C.P. Cibeles 50+ Spain.

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