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This site hosts all the general info regarding the European Veteran Roller hockey Invitational Cup, an event to be held once a year (in the Spring or Autumn) throughout Europe to promote veteran roller hockey at its highest level. There are two categories, the well known 35+ tournament (since 2003) and the 50+ tournament (since 2009).

The purpose of the site is to be a platform for the participants, their teams, the press, sponsors and every other fan of roller hockey and veteran roller hockey in particular. Besides the general info on this site each tournament organization can have its own site. Feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster at
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Result election new board of the I.E.C.


Delft - After a very successful period the current Board of the I.E.C. (International EVRICup Comittee) has come to the end of its term. The past few years the Board consisted of the following persons: President: Mr. B. Veerman (The Netherlands), member: Mr. J. Escuder (Spain), member: Mr. P. Becacci (Italy), secretary: Mr. R. Verbeek (The Netherlands) and Webmaster: Mr. B. Fresco (The Netherlands). During the last delegatesmeeting in Valkenswaard d.d. 12-09-12 are the following persons elected : President: Mr. B. Veerman (The Netherlands), Member  Mr. J. Ferran (Spain), Member Mr. B. Agustinho (Portugal), Member T. Sorensen (The Netherlands) for the referees and Mr. M. Domingos (The Netherlands) as secretary. Mr. B. Fresco will be the webmaster of the general EVRICup website. The new board of the I.E.C. are elected for the two coming I.E.C. periods (2012-2013 and 2014 and 2015). 


Incredible !

Dear rollerhockeyfriends,

this is my last contribution as editor of the EVRICup Facebook page and the general EVRICup website since this is as secretary one of the tasks of the International EVRICup Committee. I have this function since 20
04 in cooperation with other rollerhockeylovers with a lot of passion and ambition. We have achieved a lot with each other. It's become a fantastic event. So many rollerhockeylovers (as player, coach, delegate, fan, volunteer etc.) together somewhere in Europe each year. The largest veterans roller hockey tournament in the world. Incredible ! The result of hard work. The result a the moment is good for the development of the international roller hockey world. There is also quite a lot by the EVRICup international roller hockey experience (passive and active) available to the contemporary roller hockey. The past, present and future are brought together by a EVRICup Edition. The event EVRICup is ready for a next organisationstep. There are plenty of new challenges for the EVRICup future. The new board of the I.E.C. is ready for that. I am very impressed that I because of my contribution to the development of the event EVRICup recieved the Jaime Labori Memorial. Its for me a big honor. I got now the time for a new (Dutch) rollerhockeyproject. Everyone thanks for the confidence in me and I hoop to see you, with a good health, in Herne Bay -England 2013. As one of the Spanish representatives (GEiGG) told this so beautiful: "Roller hockey for life, EVRICup friends forever !"

Yours in roller hockey, 

Rob Verbeek 

Summary The Jaime Labory Memorial Cup


 Delft - The Jaime Labory Memorial Cup is a challenge in memory of one of the founders of the EVRICup circuit, the Spaniard Jaime Labory. This international roller hockey prize is awarded to a person, institution or group whit a great contribution to the development of the kind of sport roller hockey, at national and / or international level. Award 3, september 2012, Valkenswaard - The Netherlands : Mr. Rob Verbeek (The Netherlands), Award 2, june 2011, Castiglione - Italy  : The organizationcommittee 15th edition EVRICup 2009. Award 1, october 2010 Gerona - Spain : Mr. Alberto Bacacci (Italy).

2017 is the first possibility for a new EVRICup edition bid


Delft - The I.E.C. has accepted the international bids for the next EVRICup editions in the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. May/june 2013, Herne Bay - England, 2014, Voltrega - Spain, 2015, Pacos de Arcos - Portugal, 2016, Trieste - Italy, 2017, First possibility for a new EVRICup edition bid. 

Classification 18th edition Valkenswaard - The Netherlands


Delft - At the end of the 5th game day ther will be the next 35+ endclassification of the 18th EVRICup edition Valkenswaard - The Netherlands : 1. Paco de Arcos (P), 2. Valkenswaardse RC/DREAMTEAM 35+ (Nl), 3. OS Lobinhos (P), 4. GEIGG (Sp), 5. Barcino (Sp), 6. C.P. Voltrega (Sp), 7. RESG Walsum (G), 8. Basel (Su), 9. R.V. Rolta Leuven (B), 10. R.H.C. Kuringen (B), 11. C.P. Parede (P), 12. Herne Bay (GB), 13. C.P. Calafell (Sp), 14. Carbonia (I), 15. Old Stars (Nl), 16. RSC Darmstadt (G).

At the end of the 5th game day ther will be the next 50+ endclassification of the 18th EVRICup edition Valkenswaard - The Netherlands : 1. C.P. Cibeles (Sp), 2. OS Lobinhos (P), 3. Hockey Trieste (I), 4. C.T. Barcino Old Cat (S), 5. R.V. Rolta Leuven (B), 6. Dreamteam 50+ (Nl), 7. H.C. Castiglione (I), Valkenswaardse RC (Nl).

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