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This site hosts all the general info regarding the European Veteran Roller hockey Invitational Cup, an event to be held once a year (in the Spring or Autumn) throughout Europe to promote veteran roller hockey at its highest level. There are two categories, the well known 35+ tournament (since 2003) and the 50+ tournament (since 2009).

The purpose of the site is to be a platform for the participants, their teams, the press, sponsors and every other fan of roller hockey and veteran roller hockey in particular. Besides the general info on this site each tournament organization can have its own site. Feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster at
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info Herne Bay 3


Exiting poster. Click on the poster for more info!!

info Herne Bay 2


We have asked our English friends to provide us with the necessary info on the coming tournament. This information will be published at short notice on their website at www. . We will also keep you informed via our own website. So check back soon!

A couple of teams have send new fotos for the website. Please provide us at with your latest foto, so we can update our teamspage.

Info Herne Bay 1


Dear All,

For all you guys who have accepted the invitation to participate in this year’s tournament. (29th May – 1st June) Please note I would recommend you come on the Tuesday as we will probably be starting tournament on Wednesday morning.

If you can’t make it until Wednesday then let me know so I can try and work out schedule so everyone is kept happy.

The airports that are closest are:

  1. Manston Airport (10km) from Herne Bay (I know KLM fly there from Amsterdam and other cities). KLM have just taken it over. It is a small airport but ideal if you can get the flights.
  2. Gatwick Airport (100km) from Herne Bay
  3. Stansted Airport (130km) from Herne Bay
  4. Heathrow Airport (160km) from Herne Bay

Alternatively for all looking to come by boat / tunnel. We are 40km from Dover / Folkstone.

Kind Regards

Phil McVey  

teaminfo update


We would like to update the info about each participating team and make a new page with that info. So please send us ( a new teamfoto or  just send us a link to another good photo on the internet / facebook or maybe your present photo on this website. Please give us also the following info:

Team name:



Category (35 or 50+):

Delegate / contactperson:


website and/or facebookpage (if available):

sponsor (if applicable):

Herne Bay update


It is more then time that we update the herne Bay Tournament Info! We start with the list of all the competing teams. More info on hotels, the rink and all other relevant matters, will be available within a couple of weeks.      

One thing is very important right now. Please check the rules how to subscribe of unsubscribe to the Tournament!!


35+     50+  
HBU YES   HBU possible
St Omer NO   St Omer NO
Paco De Arcos YES   Cibeles YES
CT Barcino YES   Dreamteam YES
Valkenswaard YES   Lobinhos YES
Geigg YES   Rolta NO
Castiglione request for more time Castiglione YES
Darmstadt YES   Geigg YES
Vilafranca YES   Barcino YES
Rolta YES   Trieste YES
Parede request for more time FC Porto NO
Voltrega YES      
Losbinhos YES      
Hague NO      
FC Porto NO      
Carbonia YES      
Kuringen No response    
Basel YES      
CP Calafel requested invite (reserve)    
Trieste NO      
Manchester requested invite (reserve)    


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