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This site hosts all the general info regarding the European Veteran Roller hockey Invitational Cup, an event to be held once a year (in the Spring or Autumn) throughout Europe to promote veteran roller hockey at its highest level. There are two categories, the well known 35+ tournament (since 2003) and the 50+ tournament (since 2009).

The purpose of the site is to be a platform for the participants, their teams, the press, sponsors and every other fan of roller hockey and veteran roller hockey in particular. Besides the general info on this site each tournament organization can have its own site. Feel free to send an e-mail to the webmaster at
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Next edition Italy!!!


The next edition will take place in Castiglione della Pescaia, october 7, 8 and 9, 2010!! See You all there and check back for more info.

gameplan news from Darmstadt


The Gameplan has changed due to late arrivals of certain teams and the sadly withdrawel of the 50+ German All Star team.

Darmstadt 50 + news


Now we are talking!! Besides the Dreamteam and the All Stars, we have the OK from Os Lobinhos and Rolta, who will take part with both a 35 and a 50 + team!! So there are four competitors in the 50 + event. Let's make it a big succes!! Thanks to all those that make this possible.

Darmstadt update


Darmstadt has updated its program! See the new schedule at the website We will play according the "new" rules. And why is there no 50+ team who dares to compete?

teams 50+ reminder


So far there is only one real 50+ team, aside the "all star" team(s). Let us make the 50+ category as succefull as the 35+. So accept the challenge and bring up another 50+ team!!

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